We have a small sheep operation running only about 65-75 head of Ramboullet and Columbia ewes and rams as well as a handful of Suffolk-cross, Navajo-Churro and Romney ewes. We breed for high fleece quality, competitive lambs for show and market, as well as a few special fleeces for hand spinners. For more information about market lambs, fleeces or lamb for your table, contact nonie_proffit@hotmail.com

WOOL We have a handful of ewes whose fleeces are kept for hand spinners. They have Navajo-Churro and some Romney blood and are colored in shades of gray and black. However, most of our ewes are a "Western Whiteface" cross of Ramboullet and Columbia genes. We try to maintain our wool grade at 1/2-3/8 blood level. Our flock is sheared in late April. Anyone wishing to examine or purchase a fleece can contact us.

LAMBS FOR SHOW We keep from 5 to 10 ewes of Suffolk breeding for the express purpose of producing market lambs for the 4-Hers in our family. These ewes lamb early, in January, or February to allow the lambs the time to reach market size for the various county fairs. In the past few years they have done very well in the Lincoln County Fair. If you would like a lamb kept for you contact us.

FOR YOUR TABLE If you would like to feed your family with grass-fattened, hormone-free lamb, you may reserve one, and at weaning time, you can either pick your own, or I we can pick one for you. Arrangements can be made with the local butcher for custom cut and wrap. If you are interested, please contact us.