We are proud of our beef operation.We select and seek out only the best mommas to ensure we have the best babies, weanlings, yearlings and breeding stock. For years we implemented an A.I. program, which allowed us to use the best bulls in the country and maximize hybrid vigor. We now primarily use Power Genetics Bulls that have been tested and proven for calving ease, weaning weight, rib eye size and other desirable traits. Year after year, our calves put on weight easily and our replacement heifers are sought after.

BEEF FOR SHOW Year after year growing up us kids would take our own, home-grown, cows and calves, and show them at the fair. It was always enjoyable for us to see our animals compete in show classes against expensive club calves purchased all over the country for the event. From market beef shows to breeding beef exhibitions, we were always top of the line, bringing home Grand or Reserve Champion awards nearly every year. For more info please contact us. We would love to talk to you.

FOR YOUR TABLE If you would like to feed your family with grass-fed or corn-fed beef for less money, contact us about buying beef direct from our family. Stock your freezer with a whole, half, or quarter beef and save some money in the process.