Our family owns and operates a small ranch tucked down into the Bear River Valley of Southwestern Wyoming. We run a few hundred head of cattle, a few sheep, and raise some handy cowhorses. We designed this website with the hopes that you would get to know our horses, livestock, and a little more about us and our culture.

hORSES WE LOVE OUR HORSES. To check out our horse program, bloodlines, pictures, horse sale info and more, please click on the heading "horses" above.

CATTLE We are very proud of our Beef operation. To see more about our breeding animals, show ring stock or how to fill your freezer for your family, click on the heading "cattle" above.

SHEEP To see more about our sheep program, high fleece quality, competitive lambs for show and market, as well as a few special fleeces for hand spinners click on the heading "sheep" above.

OUR FAMILY Meet us and get a feel for the land and this culture from some of our favorite photographs. Click on the "our family" heading above to see them.

VISIT US Need some time to connect with creation and your family? Come visit us. For more information click on the "visit us" heading above.